Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spoiler Alert!

Check it out! This was the free Christmas Card I was able to make thanks to Shutterfly! They are amazing!
Snowflake Bliss Christmas Card
Turn your pictures into personalized Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Flutterby???? No! It's SHUTTERFLY!

 I first found out about Shutterfly back in 2006 after my wedding. I wanted to create a photo wedding album and looked around for ones that were decently priced but look had a high quality look to them…enter Shutterfly! I was so impressed with the quality that when my sister got married a yearl later, my mom asked me to make a wedding album for her. Not a problem at all! They make it so easy! Even with a demanding full time job and the fact that I am a perfectionist, I was able to have that album complete in no time! Since that time, I have used Shutterfly for many of my personalized print jobs. I have definitely taken advantage of their photo cards. There is just something special about giving someone a card that was personalized specifically for them. The fact that they know you took the time to make something extra special for them shows that you care all the more. Since my husband and I decided to expand our family, the whole Christmas card scene has become a little more important to us than we ever would have previously thought! It is so nice to show family and friends a little slice of the joy in your life at such a joyful time of year. Shutterfly gives you many choices to share your joy! Look here at their Christmas card selection…over 800 different choices! With that many choices, you will have a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of making the same card as someone on your correspondence list.  There are so many stylish options, but I think I am leaning toward this one or this one.  But above the quality, selection, and great prices, I probably love the excellent no-hassle customer service! There was one time I made some photo cards for Father’s Day. When I received my order, I didn’t get the correct amount of a certain print. At most places the customer would be blamed for the mistake (maybe you didn’t hit “print” on the correct project, etc.), but not at Shutterfly! All I did was call them up and explain my issue and they sent me the correct project, no questions asked! It was great..and timely! But anyway, we are talking Christmas here…I was thinking it would be great to make some special photo gifts for our extended, out-of-town family.  Now, let’s be honest, now that we have a baby, no one really cares about me and the Mr. anymore – it’s all about the little man! I am really liking these little snap books! What a great way to carry your most recent pictures in tidy and compact, yet professional –looking book! Ok, enough of that.  It’s time to get on and make some great photo projects! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wyatt turns 1 year old!

I am not going to dwell on why I haven't posted anything in over 6 months...I just didn't. Lot's of life changes.  Here's to becoming better!

Our sweet little bubba turned one on October 29th! We had a birthday party for him at my parent's house on the 30th...yes, there was a Halloween theme. The guests were allowed to wear costumes, but many did not. Wyatt was a ferocious dragon, but those pics are on my other camera, so I will get those on here one day. He didn't really know what was going on at the party other than there were a lot of people there and he liked that! This boy loves to be social. He never really got any stranger anxiety, which could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. He wasn't really into his presents, but he sure did like the tissue paper - that was his favorite part! The cake was interesting too...He took a few finger swipes and tasted the frosting. I don't think he really knew what to do. I took matters into my own hands and smashed his hand into the cake...and it was all downhill from there. I think he thought the cake was something to destroy more than something to eat. It was a great day and we were so glad that so many family friends were able to make it - especially his Nammy, Grandpa, and Great Granny all the way from Bishop!

And here are a few pics from the party:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I want to win more than I want you to win, but just for the "thrill of the chase," as it were, head on over to and try to win this awesome mixer!

I don't have one of these, but would sure like this one! then, maybe, my hands wouldn't get so tired when i bake. good luck to all!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, hello mighty blogosphere!

You wanna know why I never kept a journal?  Because I can not consistently update it!  Alas, here is my "every-two-month- update.  Scroll down and you will find two separate posts.  See what we've been up to!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was nice.  Very low-key.  We started celebrating on Saturday because on Sunday we had a nurse coming to our house to take blood and do physical's on us for our life insurance policies.  Giving blood and urine does not make for a pleasant Mother's Day. 

On Saturday Cameron let me sleep in.  He fed Wyatt and took care of him.  I slept in until 10am!  Wow!  I woke up and Cam was making breakfast and there were some lovely lilies in a vase waiting for me.  So pretty.  I really didn't want to do much that day other than take it easy.  On Sunday, we had our physicals and went to church.  Cam gave me my gift.  He enlisted the help of our friend Lorie to do some hand and footprints of Wyatt and put them in some frames.  Very cute!

Wyatt is 6 months old!

So, that is totally, like, half of a year!  I know, right?  Weird! 

We are a little sad that 6 months has flown by as fast as it has.  We try so very hard to soak up every moment...but it's hard when our full-time job can't be playing with our son.  Wouldn't that be great, though?  I would love to be paid to take care of my kid(s)...or if someone wanted to pay me...but I digress...

I had a little photo shoot the day he turned six months (April 29).  We went to the doctor for his check up at 6.5 months.  He is about 27.5 inches long in the 75th percentile.  His head is also in the 75th percentile, but I forget how many inches.  His weight, however, is somewhat puzzling - he weighed 15 lbs. 12 oz. and was in the 10th percentile.  The chart showed that he actually lost 2 ounces since his last visit.  Totally wierd.  But he DOES eat, that much I can tell you.

Wyatt has started eating more and more solid foods.  He loves rice cereal.  He likes carrots, green beans, mango, sweet potato, peas, and berries.  He dislikes banana and pureed meats (ham, so far).  We also started feeding him in his booster seat rather than his bumbo.  He is too strong to eat from the bumbo, he can scoot it all around the table - not safe! 

Wyatt can also sit up pretty well on his own without falling over too much.  If he does fall, it's backwards and he lands on his head.  We just put a pillow behind him to brace the fall.  We introduced the ball to him recently.  We couldn't believe that we waited this long to do so!  He LOVED it!  Of course, that means that Cameron was loving it too.  In Cam's mind the fact that Wyatt loved the ball means he will automatically be the best basketball player ever!  Yeah, we'll see.

Wyatt also said "mama" the day he turned 6 months.  I have 2 witnesses!  I told him to say "mama" and right after that, sure enough, he said mama!  However, he hasn't said it since.  So it was probably a fluke.  I am still going to claim it :)

Wyatt also cut his first tooth at 6.5 months!  It is his lower front left tooth.  Man those suckers are sharp!  The right one isn't far behind.  I give it 3 weeks, tops.